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In business for over 25 years now, Maya® Overseas Foods Inc. is currently a major supplier of quality Indian groceries and spices to over 800 stores on the East Coast. What is now a thriving , well established business, began back in 1973 as a simple grocery store in Queens, New York, USA.
Gradually, the business expanded and in 1981 Maya® Overseas Food, Inc. began supplying Indian groceries to the ethnic segment of the New York market. Its founder and chairman, Umesh Mody (better known as Diku Bhai), attributes his company's phenomenal success to hard work and quality products. "Quality is our specialty," says Diku Bhai. "It's as simple as that. In this business today, one cannot afford to compromise on quality or service."
Included in Maya's® extensive product line are a variety of flavor-enhancing Maya® Spices, Maya® Pickles, Maya® Ghee(clarified butter), Maya® Oils, Maya® Pastes & Chutneys, Maya® Snacks, Maya® Sweets, Maya® Atta(wheat flour), Maya® Rice, Maya® Mango Pulp, Maya® Dals & Beans, Sonali Basmati Rice, & many more. All of which are specifically geared for the South Asian palate.

The company imports its products from a number of countries, including India, Pakistan, Turkey, South America, Thailand, Spain, Australia and Canada. While the East Coast is Maya's® primary service / reach area, any item can be easily shipped to just about anywhere throughout the country. The company is planning to expand its reach to to a greater market reach expanding nationally and internationally.

With its potential, the company is constantly adding new products and brands to best suite their customers needs. Maya® has increased its operation substantially since 1997, it recently moved into a 40,000 square foot facility where all divisions of the company work side by side. The company has developed 4 divisions, the Ethnic market, Distributors, Restaurant division and Mainstream Supermarkets. These divisions were developed so that the staff can concentrate on each market respectively.

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