South Asian Groceries Supplier for Restaurants


South Asian food is widely popular across the Americas. With a huge South Asian market, restaurants here sell food from the Indian subcontinent to please their ever-increasing customer base. As the premier manufacturer and supplier of South Asian groceries in the continent, we manufacture all of our food products in our 40,000 sq feet state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that we meet the highest food safety standards in the US.

With a mission to deliver the authentic taste of the South Asian food, we supply our products in some of the top restaurants in the country. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering quality products, meeting the strict food safety standards, so that restaurants across the Americas serve only the best food to their customers.

Unlimited Product Range

We are focused on bringing the world to your plate, and thus boast a vast range of South Asian spices that can lift the aroma and flavor of the food you serve to your customers. Our fresh, authentic stock makes us the leading supplier of South Asian groceries to restaurants and food hubs.

We offer a myriad of culinary possibilities, with signature food products and spices that will make your customers nostalgic and remind them of home food. Whether your customers ask for authentic taste from the Indian kitchen or a flavorful Chinese snack or a tantalizing snack, appetizer, or dessert from anywhere on the Indian subcontinent, we pride ourselves on being the ideal flavor carriers from the South Asian cuisine.

At Maya Foods, we take pride in redefining the way Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi restaurants shop, supplying top-quality food products at best prices backed with an amazing customer service and an efficient delivery system.

We service restaurants across New York, Brooklyn, and Pennsylvania, supplying premium graded South Asian spices and food products.