South East Asian Food Supplier for Retail Outlets


With a motto to serve quality food at best prices, Maya® Overseas Foods Inc. has been a leading name in the overseas South Asian food industry. We supply quality Indian groceries to thousands of stores on the East Coast. With a humble beginning in 1973 as a simple grocery store in Queens, we have expanded across the horizon to become one of the leading South East Asian groceries suppliers in the Americas to retailers.

We attribute our phenomenal success to our hard work and premium quality products. Since 1981, Maya® Overseas Food, Inc. has been supplying South East Asian groceries to the ethnic segment in New York and across the Americas.

As a premier supplier of Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani groceries and spices in the overseas market, we offer an extended product line to cater to our vast customer base across the continent. Maya Foods is a tribute to the widely diverse food culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Leading Supplier of South East Asian Food to Retail Outlets

Our extensive range of products includes flavor-enhancing spices, pickles, pastes and condiments. Our trademark Maya® Ghee(clarified butter), oils, rice, wheat flour, pulses symbolize our commitment to quality. We are constantly expanding our product base to include new groceries to cater to the increasing demands of our vast customer base.

With an efficient delivery system, we make sure our South East Asian spices and other food supplies reach your retail outlets in time. We are committed to customer satisfaction and have been delivering value for over two decades through our quality products.

The company sources products from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, South America, Turkey, Spain, and Canada. Our extensive delivery network ensures that the South East Asian grocery items can be shipped anywhere throughout the country.

We are operating from a 40,000 square foot facility, with four divisions working side by side. These include Restaurants, Distributors, Ethnic clientele, and Mainstream Supermarkets.

Our motto is to bring the authentic taste, flavor, and culinary tradition of South East Asia to our vast market base across the Americas. We work hard to reach out to every retail outlet selling South East Asian groceries here.