About Us

About Us

Maya Foods is a premier supplier of South East Asian groceries across America. With a promise to deliver premier quality, we have been supplying superior range of spices and grocery across America, so customers can enjoy a distinct taste & flavor on their dining table. Our commitment to quality speaks in our gourmet, premium branded products that bring you the true taste of the East.

Extensive Product Range

As suppliers of a broad range of South Asian grocery needs across America, Maya Foods is a name to be reckoned with in the food industry. What began as a candy distribution business, Maya Foods has expanded into a well-recognized & trusted wholesale grocery distributor, providing a full line of premium range of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi products.

Our extensive range of products is designed to cater to your desire of the real taste of the East! Our top quality South East Asian groceries are available at the lowest prices. Maya® has all the ingredients to make your food gourmet and satisfy your palette.

Set up in 1977, Maya Foods prides itself on being the premium suppler of South East Asian groceries to restaurants, retail stores, and distributors, delivering the authentic taste of the east.

Delivering True Taste at Affordable Prices

Economy, efficiency, quality, and speed are our hallmarks, and we are committed to bringing taste & health to your table. Our ethnic division distributes to a range of South Asian retail stores across America. Our restaurant division takes pride in supplying restaurants with food products and items they require. We have been dedicated to serving supermarkets with the best quality South East Asian grocery supplies.

With an extensive line of products, Maya Foods provides our customers with the most authentic taste of the East! As a well-established and highly reputable business, we serve a range of gourmet food outlets with the finest foods from South East Asian cuisines.

We have all the ingredients to decorate your platter and satiate your palette. Whether you crave for street food or from a five-star hotel in Mumbai, we boast an exciting range to tantalize your taste buds.

Founder and CEO Umesh Mody, popularly known as Diku Bhai, has been instrumental in writing the Maya Foods success story, with a focus on producing and delivering quality.