With a promise to deliver quality, Maya® Overseas Foods Inc. has been delivering premium grade South East Asian groceries and spices for over three decades to its ever-increasing customer base across the Americas. Since 1973, the company has remained a top supplier of top-grade groceries and spices from the Indian subcontinent.

Serving the Best From Asia

From a simple grocery store, Maya Foods has expanded into a well-established wholesale distributor of South Asian grocery supplies across the American continent. We pride ourselves on servicing our distributor, market, and restaurant customers with the most cherished brands of authentic imported Asian groceries.

As one of America’s largest Asian food products brand, Maya Foods takes pride in being the leader in the quality presented in the brand. We take pride in our personalized approach to nurturing relationships with reliable service and commitment to quality.

With us, you can find all ingredients for preparing gourmet Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi recipes. You name it, and we will have the product for you!

Our well-established business serves over 800 stores on the East Coast, supplying top-quality south east Asian groceries to the ethnic segments in New York. With such a vast range of stocks, we can provide the right mix of groceries for your business at affordable prices.

With a focus on quality, the company has expanded into a widely popular wholesale supplier across America. Maya's® extensive product line includes an array of aromatic Maya® Spices, lip-smacking Maya® Pickles, pure &healthy Maya® clarified butter and oils, mouth-watering Maya® Pastes & Chutneys, gourmet Maya® Snacks, ethnic Maya® Sweets, pure Maya® Atta (wheat flour), Maya® Rice, wholesome pulses & beans, tasty & tangy Maya® mango pulp, and premium quality Sonali Basmati Rice, among others. Each of our products is specifically designed for the South Asian palate.

Leading Overseas South East Asian Supermarket

To cater to our vast customer base, we import products from a majority of countries, such as Australia, India, South America, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, and Canada. We specially cater to the East Coast, which is our primary service/reach area; and we can ship supplies to anywhere throughout the country. We have plans to expand our reach to a wider global market.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering quality. Maya Foods is adding new products to our vast product line to cater to our wide-ranging customer base.

Since 1997, Maya® has significantly expanded its South East Asian grocery distribution operations, moving to a 40,000 square foot facility that houses all the four divisions of the company. Our divisions include Distributors, Ethnic markets, Mainstream Supermarkets, and Restaurants.