Maya Foods Wholesaler: Your Wholesale Indian Grocery Supplier

Indian Food Wholesalers

When you need a wholesale Indian grocery, there is no better option available to you at your fingertips than Maya Foods. Our team of professionals is always one step away from answering all of your questions. Since 1973, we’ve provided a wide range of products and have served as a top supplier of Asian wholesale food. Whether you are a restaurant or a retailer, Maya Foods has what you need to impress your customers.

Top-Rated Indian Grocery Wholesale Distributors in the USA

Maya Foods is one of the country’s largest Asian food products brands & wholesale Asian food and grocery distributors. We take pride in always providing you with exceptional quality and a personalized approach to service. We’ve worked hard to ensure you have the quality ingredients you need.

Along with our Indian line of products, we also offer Pakistani and Bangladeshi items. We encourage you to shop with us for any need. Our business serves over 800 stores along the East Coast and is rapidly becoming the go-to solution. As a trusted Asian food wholesale organization, we recognize your need for the finest products to ensure you can produce the ethnic dishes your guests desire.

We carry a full selection including Indian spices, Saffron, flour, Indian ghee, lentils, cooking oils, pickles, rice, snacks, teas, chutneys and more.

Asian Food Distributors You Can Rely On

Our Asian wholesale food supplies includes the items you need from rice to pasta, pickles, and spices of all types. We offer the most sought-after items after importing them from top locations around the globe. We encourage you to shop with us to find the items perfect for your needs.